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The proteas are the heart and history of the farm. They are the bread and butter that has kept the flower farm a thriving business for over 20 years. The older plants are lovingly being replaced with a new wider variety of proteas. 

In the flower world proteas are the new roses. With their striking colour and size they make beautiful centre pieces to rustic wedding bouquets.

Protea Q & A

What type of proteas do we grow ? 

  • Pink Ice Protea
  • Special Pink Ice Protea 
  • Protea Venus (Coming Soon)
  • Protea Susara (Coming Soon)
  • Protea Queen (Coming Soon)
  • Protea Little Prince (Coming Soon)
  • Protea Donna (Coming Soon)
  • Protea Possum Magic (Coming Soon)
  • Protea Australis Ruby (Coming Soon)
  • Protea Australis Pink (Coming Soon)
  • Protea Cream Mink (Coming Soon)
  • Protea Venus PBR (Coming Soon)
  • Protea Little Prince PBR (Coming Soon)
wholesale protea flowers

What time of year do proteas flower?

Our proteas start flowering around November and continue through to July. 

What do protea flowers symbolise?

Proteas symbolise diversity and courage. The name of this ancient flower originates from Greek Mythology, named after Proteus the son of Poseidon. Proteus is known in mythology as an elusive, shape shifting god of the seas. The botanist that named this flower wanted to encapture the proteas diversity being a group of over 1500 species.

how long do proteas last ?

Most protea flowers will last 2 weeks when given some care, some types will last up to three weeks. To keep protea flowers fresh change out the water every 2-3 days and trim the bottom of the stem about an inch. 

Can protea flowers be dried ?

Proteas are renowned for being dried flowers. 

They make beautiful dried flower arrangements after they have past their time in the vase. Trim back the damp stem that has been sitting in water and hang up side down out of direct sunlight . This can take 2-3 weeks. 

Protea Venus

Protea Venus

protea flower wholesaler

Red Ice Protea

wholesale protea flowers

Pink Ice Protea

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