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Leucadendron Varieties

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Leucadendrons are popular for their beautiful evergreen foliage. The flowers form as a waxy bloom at the end of the branches with striking colours ranging from rich burgundy, soft yellows, creamy pink to gentle greens.
After flowering a cone like seed head forms (hence the nick name Cone Bush). 
Leucadendrons provide year round colour makes them a popular staple in the floristry community. 


Which leucadendron varieties are we growing?

When do Leucadendron Flower ?

Leucadendrons can provide year round colour with their showy foliage and subtle flowers. The flowering season depends on the type of Leucadendron. 

Leucadendron Common Names

Unlike some flowers which have many common names that change from state to state in Australia, the Leucadendron is best known as Conebush.

The proper name has Greek origins with “Leukos” meaning white and “dendron” meaning tree despite the now known wide range of colour this shrub displays. 

Are Leucadendrons native to australia ?

Leucadendrons are actually native to South Africa but thrive in our tough climate. 

Is the Leucadendron evergreen ?

Leucadendrons are a favourite of florists, providing colour all year round. Some Leucadendrons (such as the Leucadendron Jester and the Leucadendron Red Devil)  are at their most vibrant during winter months. 

leucadendron Amy

leucadendron Amy

Leucadendron Cream Delight

Leucadendron Cream Delight

Leucadendron Safari Sunset

Leucadendron Safari Sunset

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