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Wholesale Australian Native Flowers

Pink Ice Proteas are the heart of our business. For over 20 years our farm has been producing Pink and Red Ice Protea flowers.
We supply Banksia Plagiocarpa flowers also known as Dallachy’s Banksia, the Blue Banksia or the Hinchinbrook Banksia.
Leucadendron Safari Sunset
Our main Leucadendron variety is Leucadendron Safari Sunset but contact us for the most up-to-date information.

Being the one of the north most Australian native flower farms, our Proteas are the first to flower for the season in Australia.

R&S Flowers supply fresh flowers to florists and flower markets across Australia. If you are interested in becoming a stockist reach out to us via the Contact Page.

Fresh cut flowers in smaller quantities can be purchased directly from our florists and markets listed on the Retail Page.

The ‘R&S’ in R&S Flowers stands for Rock & Sharee.

We bought the farm in March 2018. It was a tired Protea farm. In the past few years we have brought it back to life. Constantly adding and improving, adding new irrigation, a new variety of plants and a huge dam!

We wanted a farm we could make a living from by living off the land. We want our children to be raised on the land. Playing in dirt, learning about plants, vegetables, animals.

We instantly fell in love with our farm, Widgereedoo. 

We currently have Leucadendron Safari Sunset and Leucadendron Amy which are popular for its beautiful evergreen foliage.

Leucadendron flowers form as a waxy bloom at the end of the branches with striking colours ranging from rich burgundy, soft yellows, creamy pink to gentle greens.

The picture on the left is the Leucadendron Gypsy Silver. 

wholesale protea flowers

Pink Ice Protea

Pink Ice Proteas are becoming the new roses of weddings!

protea flower wholesaler

Red Ice Protea

Also known as Special Pink Ice Protea, these flowers range from a rich pink to deep red in colour.

blue banksia

Dallachy's Banksia

The Blue Banksia is rare in the wild, growing in a narrow ecological range.

Protea Australis Pink

Australis Pink


Protea Little Prince

Little Prince

Protea Susara


Protea Venus


Leucadendron Safari Sunset

Safari Sunset

If you would like to become a supplier of our flowers please get in touch via the Contact Page.